Thursday, August 6, 2009

'The Weight of Silence' book review

I finished reading The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India last week. Shelley Seale does a superb job of putting a face and name to the children both inside the safe arms of the Miracle Foundation's outreach in India as well as those still living in harms way, on the streets and slums, often exploited and without simple basic needs. She spends quite a bit of time exploring, examining and explaining the plight of poverty in India and the challenges many families face: how we got there and possible ways out. It's full of startling and eye opening statistics. Heart wrenching at the same time heartwarming. Shelley does a great job of helping understand India as a whole. It’s not just a country of despair, but a resilient country full of possibilities; immersed in culture, faith, diversity, and a bursting economy. A tale of two countries where tremendous prosperity bumps up next to utter and absolute poverty. The Weight of Silence is also a story of hope: demonstrating successes of both organizations such as the Miracle Foundation, and the efforts of giving individuals but also the effects of policy and government change. A highly recommended and enlightening read. A word of warning: I take no responsibility if after reading the book, you feel the unstoppable pull to jump on a plane with me to the colorful country of India.
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