Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 3 - Rourkela

Finally saw the kids today! 45 minute insane drive to the orphanage. It's hard to describe the roads until you see the video (the the video link at the top right of the page). There are 111 smiling faces at the Rourkela childrens home. We played games, read books, drew pictures and wore each other out. We brought candy (tootsie rolls, lolipops and jolly ranchers). It was like Christmas. It's the simple things....Tomorrow, we are going to try to take the older kids (10-13yrs) out to see a movie. They have NEVER been to a theater! They are going to flip out. Now if I only knew how to fit 12 kids into a 5 passenger vehicle....(those are nothing but simple formalities in India).

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